ZESstudio is your all-encompassing design solution.  We are part graphic designers, part building and green design specialists, a touch of web design and development but most importantly we are 100% designers.  The team along with our extensive list of business partners has made design our passion.  We work tirelessly to ensure that we are producing high quality products and services for our clients.  We pride ourselves in a process that takes our clients from nothing to something, a blank piece of paper, to a work of art, or from an idea to a full fledged office space and marketing campaign. No task is too small or too big so please take a second to look over our site and get in touch to schedule a meeting or if you just have a question. 

The Team

image of Zach

Zachary Smith, AIA - Founder

Zachary (Zach) is the principal designer and founder of ZESstudio. Zach is an architect, graphic artist, web designer, photographer, and anything else he can get his hands on design wise. Zach holds his masters degree in architecture and has spent several years studying in other design fields like graphic design and sculpture before founding ZESstudio in May of 2008.   As once put "helplessly creative" Zach has a hard time not trying to solve any problem with a little bit of creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit keeping him at the forefront of many happenings on the seacoast. 

image of Tobe

Tobias Bernecker, M.arch. - OCD-Obsessively Creative Designer

Tobias (Tobe) is an integral piece to any project serving as creative inspiration, art proofer, or mixed media specialist. Tobe's international background brings a unique European design aesthetic to any project. Tobe has studied art and architecture across Europe from TU-Berlin (Germany) to the University of Liverpool (UK) finally finishing his his formal education with a masters degree in architecture. Tobe specializes in print, web and any kind of graphic design, as well as illustrations and personalized, professional graphics and has extensive experience with remodeling and small scale design-build projects. See some of his work here: http://tobern.com/

image of Charlotte

Charlotte Chaffee - Intern Designer Extraordinaire

Charlotte, a current student at MECA (Maine College of Art), describes her style as: "working class design that not only looks good but communicates what a client wants. I am honestly inspired by achieving a goal through design. I like things that are clean. I like to think I'm a growing source of inspiration and therefore styles." Charlotte has a long lists of tasks and duties but mainly she is our font selection and configuration guru.